Step 2: Save Big Bucks by Switching Cell Providers

Who could use some extra dough?

When asked about cellular providers, the average person can name the big ones: Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, and Sprint…  Sprint being the least expensive of those three as of this posting.  But what about the little guys?  Depending on a few factors switching cell providers could save you over $100 PER MONTH!

Take a chance on the little guy

There are several wireless providers that offer some pretty great deals today.  Republic wireless, Google FI, Metro PCS, etc.  The focus today is on Republic Wireless.  Why?  Because that is the only one I have experience with and so feel qualified to discuss.  Later I may try out another plan to report on, but for now Republic Wireless or bust!

My biggest regret switching cell providers from AT&T to Republic Wireless… is that I didn’t do it sooner!  At AT&T I was spending $165 per month, plus $15 mandatory insurance, for a total of $180.  Some small details: 1GB shared data between our two phones, insurance was useless, had to have phone for 2 years before upgrading.  I’m sure some plans have improved from that, but for now lets follow how I saved.

 AT&TRepublic Wireless
*Based on 2 phones for 2 years
Cell Phone CostN/A phone amortized in monthly cost$1400 (most expensive ridiculous phone available)
Plan Cost$165 (1GB data shared)$45 (1GB data each)
Biannual cost$4,320$2,480

Thats a savings of $1,840 every 2 years!

Even if I had to replace both stupidly expensive phones (not stupidly expensive here) once per year it would have still been $440 less expensive.  My needs are now different then before though.  I’ve since learned the power of WiFi and no longer use wireless data AT ALL.  Also, I am not fancy enough yet to utilize those $700 phones.  My last phone when new was $200 after a rebate.  For 2 phones with no wireless data the monthly amortized costs came to $46, or $1,120 every 2 years.

Switching cell providers is your 2nd step to getting rich

Most people I have discussed this with have some sort of complainypants disorder.  “But I can’t get rid of my wireless data because then I won’t get to level 497 of Candy Crush” or “If I can’t check Facebook 500x per day while driving around in my ‘too large for my paycheck’ semi truck I’ll just DIE”.  Look, if you want to save money and start your path to getting rich you MUST take a long hard look at what your money is paying for.  I too struggled with getting rid of data.  When I cataloged what I was using my ‘Personal Portable Super Computer’, aka cell phone, for it turned out to be Facebook and occasional email checking.  What a waste of time and money!  Cut the shit, get rid of your data and SAVE BIG.

How do you save with your cell provider, or do you have a lot of room to save?  Share your comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to get more tips and information on saving to get rich!


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  1. I just switched to google fi and I love the service. I saw your blog on a MMM comment. Looking forward to more articles on your blog.

    1. says: Reply

      Thanks for the FIRST COMMENT EVER! Glad you stopped by, hope you keep coming back!

  2. Just got here from MMM website.
    Good job starting a blog. It can be very therapeutic.

    1. says: Reply

      It is nice being able to write about whatever comes to mind. Also being able to write how you would like… still developing my writing stlye, but its definitely helping me calm my financially admonishing voice to people I work with!

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