Wanting something to look forward to?

This is the first post that isn’t about giving advice or telling what to do with your life.  I have been busy trying to certify at work and adjusting to life in the great state of Colorado.  Although, it’s not really difficult adjusting to one of the best places on Earth!  Just about everything I want or need is a short bike ride way.  A 15 minute car ride gets us to the mountains.  There’s something magical about soaking your feet in a freezing cold flowing mountain river; walking barefoot boulder to boulder in the rushing water helps ground me and feel at peace.

Not wanting to dwell on how great things are right now(!), I’m going to give you a sneak peak at what you have to look forward to here at Dontretireanddie.com!  This site is still in the infant stage, more like the fetus stage, we are just getting started!  Unfortunately I have other obligations in life and the blog has taken a temporary backseat to work and family.  This site is steady on my mind though, I have several pages of post ideas and synopsis that are ready to be completed!

Here are a few you can look forward to:

“How to Play in Traffic: The Ultimate Guide to Bike Commuting”

“Marital Finances, More Complicated Than Children”

“Only Spend a Fortune on Your Dream Home”

“How Selling a One Year Old Car Made Us Money”

“Craigslist is for Chumps”

And coming to the “Get Rich Series“:

“Adjusting Your Thermostat Will Make You Hard…  and Save You Money”

“Credit Card Myths: Carrying Debt Does NOT Help Your Score… and Who Cares Anyway?”

Did you expect me to give it all up?

There are many more where these came from, I only chose a few I was really excited about finishing!  If you’ve read previous posts you know my titles are on the sarcastic side, the titles are  teasers more than anything else.  I hope they peak your interest enough to stick around though!

Things might be a little slow for a little while, but it will be picking up soon and I certainly hope you stick around for the party!

Here’s what I want from you, leave a comment at the bottom and let me know what you think about the topics presented above and the content you’ve read so far.  Has it helped you?  Do you feel you’re gaining a different or unique perspective on the content presented?  What would you like to read about that perhaps you’re having trouble finding elsewhere?

As always, thank you for your time.  Time is the most valuable asset and that you gave enough of yours sticking around here means I am in your debt.  Allow me to repay that debt.  Let me know what you want from me and I will do my best to provide that for you!

All the best.



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