Seed of Motivation

I just started reading “Smarter Better Faster” and was motivated to write a little.  This is kind of a follow up to Step One of the How to Get Rich series.  Motivation truly is the key to starting anything. One of the most basic forms of motivation is simply getting yourself out of bed each day!  If I have nothing planned, I will sleep until I can no longer sleep, even if I’m awake I’ll just lay in bed!  But if something is happening or has been planned, I am motivated to get up.

Certainly you’re not here to hear about how I wake up each morning.

Motivation boils down to control.  If you feel you have no control over your situation you won’t apply the effort required to force change.  If, however,  you summon the effort required to create even the smallest change, the seed of motivation will be planted.  Once that seed has been planted you must nourish it.  If you don’t nourish the seed it will surely wither and die, and you will lose that glimmer of motivation from your initial effort.  If you choose to nourish the seed, you will eventually have a giant tree of motivation that will keep you going every day.

My biggest regret…

It’s not really a regret, but looking back I wish I could have mustered the motivation to make a few changes earlier on.  I wish I would have switched to Republic Wireless sooner.  I wish I would have done an energy audit sooner (water, gas, electric usage).  The list goes on, well maybe not that long, but I wish I would have taken the time to do the little things.  The little things, although seemingly minute, added up to several thousand dollars each year!

Initially it wasn’t motivation that kept me from changing all those things, but a lack of awareness.  I didn’t know that I should change anything until I noticed we were spending about $300 more each month then we were bringing in.  I had known that for a little while, but then I realized that in 2 months time we would end up forced to carry debt if we continued spending more then we were making.  Drastic changes ensued.

First we sold our 1 year old car for a $300 loss, but immediately began saving over $700 per month (car payment, insurance, extra gas, etc…).  Then, as we lowered the big bills we started to pay attention to the little ones.  We questioned everything.  Why are we paying for this?  Do we have to pay for that?  The motivation to change was forced upon us, luckily we were open to the process and welcomed change with open arms.

So about that seed of motivation?

I shared, briefly, my experience with you to illustrate how I was forced into rethinking all my expenses.  What I am encouraging you do is to rethink all of your expenses BEFORE you get to where I was.  Try to come up with one single thing you can cut or reduce and plant that seed of motivation.  Don’t just think about something, actually GO CHANGE IT!  Get rid of that extra bill.  Use less water.  Don’t keep it 72 inside year round.  IMMEDIATELY cancel cable (unless your internet bill is lower by keeping basic cable).

You don’t have to do everything at once.  Find one thing and change it.  Only after you’ve taken the first step should you consider doing more.  If you contemplate everything you have to do then odds are you will do nothing.  Choose one thing and do it.

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