The Incredible Life Giving Force of Bike Riding

Incredible life giving force of bike riding

I just spent 25 mins in a car driving somewhere that usually takes 15 mins on my bike.


You can’t really understand the frustration unless you too have used a bike for commuting.  My reasoning today for driving vs. riding was that it was cold and rainy.  Honestly, it would have been worth getting wet rather then sitting in a car for that long!  If you haven’t already, I encourage you to experience the incredible life giving force of bike riding for yourself.

Whats so good about riding a bike?

There is energy all around us.  I don’t mean to get spiritual or anything, but if you take time to look around and absorb your local environment I believe you will agree.  Wether you’re in NYC or in the country, there is energy waiting for you.  How you decide to receive that energy is up to you.  When you sit up on a bike saddle and breath deeply (hopefully clean air!), and then apply force to the pedal, you will soon begin to understand.  Sometimes it’s obvious, you really get into the ride and are overwhelmed by beauty all around.  Other times, you don’t understand until you have done it for awhile and then try your hand at a steering wheel again.  THEN you will know what I am talking about!

The Incredible life Sucking force of car riding

At the other end of the spectrum is the car.  The automobile has its place, for sure, but it is not for the short commute!  Long distance?  Sure, drive all day if you want.  But if you only have a few miles to go and you know there is traffic and stop lights between you and your destination… kick yourself hard if you choose the car over the bike.  I don’t understand it, even when I succumb to the car temptation.  It has been ingrained in us that the automobile is superior.  We’ll save time, get there faster, won’t be sweating when we arrive.  There is a time and a place, but the daily rider should be the bicycle.

When I sit at the wheel staring at the bumper of the car ahead of me… I get frustrated.  Sitting at the same stop light for 3 stop cycles… WHAT IN THE WORLD!  Traffic is slowly killing me, and its killing you too.

So what, you can listen to that podcast while your sitting in traffic, eh?  I can listen to that same podcast while biking.  Really, thats about all you can say.  You shouldn’t be texting or otherwise occupied with your electronic device with either vehicle, so there is no argument there.  In a care you are sitting passively, watching your life tick by… On a bike, you are experiencing life!

The Incredible Life Giving Force of Bike Riding

There are so many positives with riding your bike: Health, stress relief, experiences, discovery, and slowing down your pace just to name a few.  Riding a car in traffic forces me to feel a sense of urgency.  I feel rushed, like I have to get somewhere faster.  On a bike, you feel like you can slow down.  You probably left a little earlier, knowing it may take you a little longer, and therefore don’t feel the same pressure.  When you’re riding you may be more susceptible to altering your route and in the process discover something you may have never seen in a car.  This has been the case on multiple occasions for me.

Is it cheating if…

I have a slight confession.  My current bike is electric.  Not that ALL of my riding is done with electric, but during my move I could only bring one bike, and the electric one fit the bill.  This does make it much easier to commute fairly long distances, but the principle is the same.  By riding a bike you are putting yourself outside and in nature.  Whether it’s electric or fully human powered, the bike is a wonderful tool to increase your well-being.  So what are you waiting for?  Get in the saddle and experience the incredible life giving force of bike riding!

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