FU Happy Guide

If only there was a Happy Guide, a directive leading us to a state of continual bliss.  If there is one let me know!  As for me, I am feel more happy and alive than ever.  Their are moments I want to strangle someone with barbed wire, but those are infrequent.  This semi-permanent state of being, I believe, began with “FU” money.

 “FU” money?  WTF is that?

“FU” status occurs during your journey to Financial Independence.  When you’ve stashed enough money away to buy your freedom from forced labor.  You have FU money when you can tell your employer to FUCK OFF while you go do something else!  Having FU money means you’ve socked enough away to make sober decisions regarding your life.  You have confidence that if you take a calculated risk on life that you can fund your lifestyle during the transition.

FU money is a state of mind more than a number in the bank.

You will see a few terms mentioned around here, like FI and FU.  You can determine if you are FI (financially independent) by multiplying your annual expenses by 25.  The number you calculate will allow you to withdraw 4% per year indefinitely.  But their is no formula to calculate your FU number.  All you can do is guess, until you’re there. All of my guesses were way off, for us it came much sooner then expected.

Like I’ve said before, I felt stuck at work and not happy.  I felt their were no choices, I was indentured to come in every day to keep paying the bills.  Surely you can relate.  I didn’t feel I could leave and take a chance at life without severe repercussions.  When we looked at how much was needed for FIRE (financial independent, retire early) the numbers seemed insurmountable.

And on Sunday, they saved… kind of.

I’m reluctant to admit, we were Sunday Savers.  We saved for short spurts, think we were doing great, and then break the savings cycle.  Turns out you only save a little bit when you do this and accumulating any real wealth becomes very difficult.

In 2016 everything changed.  FI became a serious commitment.  We sold our house and moved to an apartment to save.  We minimized every possible bill and committed a percentage of our income to automatic investments.  Thats when the numbers started adding up fast.

Not long after, I realized I didn’t dread going into work.  Sure I didn’t want to be there, but it didn’t feel so bad either.  I could walk around feeling lighter and speaking freely, smiling and sharing more of myself with friends and coworkers.  I felt more confident.  Soon I realized if I wanted to, for whatever reason, I could leave. I had leveled up in life, I had FU money!  The money is not what made me happy, but not feeling stuck did.

Good for you saver boy, but what about me?

You’re right, nobody really cares whether I have money or not.  However, I care about YOU and that’s why I am here.  I am just a witness to the affect FU money can have on your life.  Your success is my end game.  Use this as your guide to happiness.  Commit or recommit to saving a larger portion of your income so that you can experience the freeing effects of FU money.  It does not have to be much, a few months of expenses covered can have a dramatic freeing effect.  When you no longer fret about money you can make great things happen.

Let me know in the comments if you have experience with FU money or the positive effects having a little extra money saved has had on your well being.  Share your own Happy Guide!

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