Money, it’s Just Like Grilled Cheese

just like grilled cheese sandwiches, two sandwiches on a plate

I was making a snack today and thought, “We don’t talk about grilled cheese enough.”  Wait, that couldn’t be it.  That’s right, it was how talking about money is just like talking about grilled cheese.  Only its not like that at all.  When is the last time you were snubbed after bringing up your favorite grilled cheese topic […]

Dream BIG versus Being Happy

Dream big versus being happy.  Is that two clashing ideas, or can they harmonize?  Looking back on my BIG dreams from just a few years back, this is what we had:  A large house with all the bells and whistles, a huge paycheck, respect from my peers because of my job title.  Admirable, sure, albeit a little […]

Seed of Motivation

I just started reading “Smarter Better Faster” and was motivated to write a little.  This is kind of a follow up to Step One of the How to Get Rich series.  Motivation truly is the key to starting anything. One of the most basic forms of motivation is simply getting yourself out of bed each day!  If I have […]

FU Happy Guide

If only there was a Happy Guide, a directive leading us to a state of continual bliss.  If there is one let me know!  As for me, I am feel more happy and alive than ever.  Their are moments I want to strangle someone with barbed wire, but those are infrequent.  This semi-permanent state of being, […]