Begin Anew at 32: How to Start from Scratch

I mentioned before that I was switching careers.  A little under one month ago I quit a very good paying job that I didn’t like for something I thought I would like, but paid less.  I thought the move would be for the better.  We would move from a desolate feeling place to somewhere vibrant, full of life and adventure.  I would, of course, be much happier at this new work place.  Doing what I thought I loved, looking forward to going to work each day.  But what about the challenges of moving?  The problems with starting a new career?  The logistics behind uprooting your family and trekking somewhere neither had been before, how are you supposed to begin anew at 32?

First thing, I really do love my new job!  It’s better then I could have imagined.  Other then being groggy in the morning I really look forward to work each day.  I even go in on my weekends just to hang out! (in all fairness, its out of boredom while my family is away… more on that later)  I feel challenged each day as I adjust to new situations and adapt to a steep learning curve.  Most of this will plateau soon, but I feel being around an environment I love will keep me energized for awhile.

The job is great, but is it really worth it?

It’s not all rainbows, sunshine and unicorn farts.  The logistics behind our move was probably not the greatest.  We planned the transition in a way we thought would save the most money.  This involved moving out of our apartment, visiting family in another county, and then me moving to Colorado alone.  This meant leaving my wife and daughter in another country until I found a permanent place to stay.  That, by far, has been the hardest part, being separated from my family during a stressful transition.  Our thinking was that I could move alone and live cheaper than we could all together.

Where to live, where to live?

I decided to use craigslist as my main source of finding temporary housing.  Apparently Colorado is a popular place to live because I had one hell of a time finding a place.  Every post I responded to, no matter how old or fresh, had already been filled.  With less then a week before I was supposed to arrive I still had no place to stay.  I think this is where the power of having a little bit of money stashed away helped ease the tension.  I figured worst case is I end up in a hotel, losing quite a bit of money, but having a roof over my head.  It was stressful, but knowing that all was not lost helped.

It was just four days until I was to arrive in Denver, when I received a positive response.  Someone had backed out of their sublet and so the tenant was desperate to fill the void.  He contacted me the day before I was leaving Sweden to head back the the USA.  There were two other roommates, but for $700 per month the room was mine!  The room was located in Boulder, which it turns out is one of the coolest places ever!  It was certainly not the ideal housing situation for a 30 something year old family man used to his own place, but it was cheap and a great location.

Begin anew at 32: how to start from scratch…

So to be fair, I didn’t have to start from complete scratch.  Really, what I have to cope with is a temporary housing situation that does not provide all the comforts I have provided myself over the past 15 years.  In a mere few weeks my entire household will be here with me, making this entire post moot. Alas, currently I don’t have my household and it turns out you need a few things to live semi comfortably for a month or more.  I found out quickly that I would need a bed (I mistakenly thought a bed was provided).  With a bed comes sheets and a comforter.  I planned on cooking food for a few days at a time, but then I needed some kind of storage ware.  Turns out cooking a lot was impractical, unless I wanted to furnish several types of cookware as well!

Really what I had to do was quickly start prioritizing what I needed.  The bed was a no brainer.  Also, I made the mistake of burning through a bike tire on the drive to Colorado, so ordering replacement tires and tubes was a priority.  Having a functional bike in Boulder is a necessity!  I found that if I ate the daily deals at Subway I got a variety of vegetables and meat and two
meals ended up costing less then $7.  I’m getting a few things in order and my daily food expenses should drop pretty drastically.  So really it turns out you need remarkably few things to live comfortably, IF you can convince yourself you don’t need more things!

Begin anew at 32… and let your posting frequency drop like a rock!

I admit, starting from scratch at a new place has really cut back on my posting frequency, but I will get back on the horse.  As I get more comfortable at work my ability to focus on extracurricular activities increases.  I wanted to update you a little on what is going on, hence this post.  Expect more details to come soon.  To begin anew at 32 is no easy task, but I feel the growth potential, both personally and professionally is worth the sacrifice.  I just wish I could have my family with me during this transition!  Maybe next time… I just hope there isn’t a “next time!”

Do you have cost saving advice or experiences of your own to share?  Have you moved somewhere to start from scratch for personal or professional reasons?  Tell me a little about your experience, I look forward to hearing from you!

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